Friday, November 06, 2009
This One's for Theresa
Dear Reader,

It has been nearly two months since my last post. I could indulge in mea culpas or we could just move past it and you could be grateful that there is something different at the top of the page.

My good friend subtly harangued me for not posting, so here's a sort of what-you've-missed post.

What has changed?

1. I'm busy as all fuck at work. I have a 8-month project that is nearing completion (done next Thursday, cross fingers, toes, elbows, etc).
2. I also have about a half dozen projects also in the works - all at work - which require, off and on, more of my time than actually exists in a given week.
3. I now write for a living, making extraneous blog posts about how much Obama sucks and schadenfreude over his inability to bring the voters if he isn't on he ticket extremely difficult.
4. My application has finally been accepted by the national office of the Daughters of the American Revolution. I'd like to take the credit, but items 1 through 3 above meant I wasn't moving forward very fast on this project. The lovely lady at my local chapter took pity on me and helped me find some additional information on my ancestor, and that pushed me over the line. Among the interesting anecdotes about my ancestor are the facts that he was appointed guardian of three minors back before 1776 in Orphan's Court - oh! and he is also mentioned in the Journal of Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon (of Mason-Dixon Line fame).
5. I'm in the process of writing my own murder mystery party thingy - Theresa, you can help me with that.

What isn't new?
1. I am still firmly of the belief that Obama isn't interested in keeping ANY of his campaign promises.
2. I am even more opposed to a national health care plan than I was a year ago...and the travesty, the generational theft that Pelosi, Reid, and Obama are pushing is the kind of thing that will take this nation 30 years to recover from. It offers little more than higher taxes, higher premiums, and less care. All for a trillion-plus bucks. On the other hand, the Republican plan (which doesn't get any press thanks to those in the MSM who are interested only in giving Obama his daily blow job), actually costs 6% of the Obamacare bill and reduces the deficit - don't quote me - this is what the non-partisan CBO said.
3. So, I'm convinced that Obama won't be happy until every person living in the United States is a Federal Employee. Merit won't matter, hard work won't matter. We'll all get a loaf of bread and a kick in the ass from the best president evah.
4. Did I mention, Obama sucks? Obama sucks donkey dick. He's not going to be happy until your child's grandchildren are broke. Flat busted.
5. But, I'm totally digging the fact that the Dems are in a death spiral. If you listen to the MSM, which we should start referring to as the OBJM (Obama Blow Job Media), you would think that Virginia elected a Republican governor by nearly 20 points has nothing to do with Obama, that New Jersey electing a Republican governor despite four - count 'em f-o-u-r - visits from The One on behalf of his crony, the incumbent Corzine. In point of fact, the tea parties were not astroturf, but real sentiment from regular folks who don't think Obama's agenda is the right thing for the country at this time.
6. I strongly suspect that more people will start to figure this out soon. A lot of people sort of live on their credit cards. But lately, they've been realizing that this is a poor way to get ahead, that eventually, all you are doing is paying the debt down. If regular Americans can't spend their way out of debt, I'm pretty sure a whole fucking government can't either, not even if it is lead by "Chocolate Jesus."
7. That last line was a laugh line, in case you missed it.
8. Let's see, I've been canning up a storm. Latest project was some apple pie filling delish!

That's all I've got for now.

I'm taking applications for co-bloggers, by the way.

God bless,
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