Tuesday, March 01, 2005
Political Poetry 4.0
Who Needs an Enemy with This Kind of Friend

Stumping around, the Big Dem, Howard Dean
Is shouting out loud like Alice’s Queen
He said, face all red
“Off with their heads!”
And continued with venting his spleen.

He called all Republicans “evil”
And seeks a tremendous upheaval
A Dem in the White House
A timid foreign policy mouse
But to me, he will always be a weevil.

Audacity the man’s got in spades
Likes dropping oratory grenades
Vituperative yells
Rhetorical smells
But his allure, why that quickly fades.

How quickly will it come to an end?
The DNC is not looking to mend.
No moving to the middle
The DNC burns while they fiddle
Who needs an enemy with this kind of friend?

The poetry's all mine, but Drudge pointed out the article.
posted by Phoenix | 10:39 AM


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