Friday, October 15, 2004
John Kerry, this time wrong is criminal
Before I again go running silent for the weekend, I would like to weigh in on the Kerry outing Mary Cheney brouhaha. As it so aptly fits in with the homework assignment given by Hugh Hewitt, I feel this post is both timely, and a prime opportunity to vanquish another villain.

Before I begin however, I would like to make perfectly clear that I see no shame in homosexuality. I don't care what your sexual orientation is. I don't care what you do in the privacy of your own home, so long as nobody gets hurt. However, I don't want you to feel obligated to inform me, either. I'm not going to tell you about my sex life, so I'd prefer you kept the details of your own to yourself as well.

That being said, I would like to say that Kerry's answer to the question in debate 3 in which he mentioned Ms. Cheney is wrong in just about every way possible. He was answering the question of whether he thought homosexuality was a choice. M. Kerry, for those not tuned in, answered, and I paraphrase, "that were one to ask Mary Cheney, daughter of VP Dick Cheney, she would tell you she's just being who she is." He invoked the name of a child of a candidate in a incredibly public forum viewed by millions all over the earth. He identified her sexual preference for all and sundry, and to add insult to injury, further made sure everyone knew which Mary Cheney he spoke of.

I suggest to you, that no matter what her sexual orientation, it was not his business to bring it up. She is a private citizen, not a public official. This is a personal matter, none of Kerry's business, none of anyone's business but Mary Cheney's. Now, I've heard a lot of blather about how he did no harm because she was already "out". This is pure crap. She may be "out" to her parents, friends, and co-workers. She may even be a national advocate of some sort, I don't know. But unless I missed the memo, she didn't come "out" to the world.The fact of the matter is, he has no right to share her private life with millions of Americans and viewers world-wide unless she has explicitly given him the right to do so. And, if she had so authorized him, I would expect to see her standing there beside him.

Suppose that instead of the question being about homosexuality the question had been about abortion. Had he invoked the name of a private citizen, no matter who, as having had an abortion there would be a rush to string him up. And Democrats would lead the mob! The fact of the matter is, whether an abortion, sexual preference, or some other aspect of someone's private life, he has absolutely NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER to divulge the information, secret or not, in a public forum such as this. It was very wrong. And if he can't see that he owes an apology, he's too damn stupid to understand the delicacy of foreign policy.

What he did borders on criminal. Suppose someone out there, some homophobe, takes it into his head to purge America of the problem of homosexuality, beginning with the brand new poster girl nominated by John Kerry? Suppose someone tries to kill her. It isn't such a leap. That's how wrong it was. Essentially, he has invited violence upon her. It is a violation of her privacy, and incredibly irresponsible.

And, were his motives as pure as he suggests, I put to you that he could have answered the question more powerfully, without invoking Mary Cheney by saying something akin to the following:

"Well, I can only tell you that I didn't choose to be heterosexual. I am not aware of any choice. I am who I am. American homosexuals, I believe, are who they are."

At least this would be honest and draw from his own life experience, but perhaps we are setting the bar a bit too high with that honesty stuff for Mr. Kerry to hurdle.

You would think that a man with two daughters of his own would be more responsible about the safety of another politician's family. It is so obviously a political ploy it is disgusting. I feel really sorry for Ms. Cheney. She has become a political football through no action of her own. She has been pulled into the fray like an older Elian Gonzalez. Kerry, it seems, will do anything to achieve his ambition. If he has to throw a few people on the political landmines, so be it! seems to be his opinion. Mary Beth Cahill is certainly complicit in this, if not worse, for her comments that Mary Cheney was "fair game." Edwards is guilty of this as well. Edward's wife is an idiot if she can't understand why Lynne Cheney is upset. They are all villains. I hope they get what's coming to them!

Villains Vanquished! ARGH!


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