Monday, June 28, 2010
surely nobody's still reading this, right?
Well, I haven't posted since January. I would have sworn it has been longer.

Life, she's sucking my soul. Zero free time.

But, now seems as good a time as any to remark upon the state of affairs in the nation.

1. Whaddaya know? SCOTUS backed up Heller with a reasonable answer to the Chicago gun ban. Freedom survives (sorta) another day.

2. Obama sure golfs a lot for a guy who can't figure out how to win in Afghanistan or plug a hole in the Gulf of Mexico. You know oil is still leaking, right?

3. Soccer? Haven't cared since high school, that's not likely to change.

4. I'd club a puppy for a candybar.

5. Did that make you laugh? We call that hyperbole in the writing biz.

6. I'm going to lunch. I will now imagine you talking amongst yourselves while someone pours coffee and cuts brownies. They are double-fudge pecan - enjoy!
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