Wednesday, September 22, 2004
Political Poetry v 2.0
With every passing day there is more to expose

Dan Rathers' credibility is shot
Memogate looks more and more like a plot
The documents are "accurate", he contends
Everyday his staff struggles and defends
Would it be too generous to say he's got a blind spot?

It seems Texan Bill Burkett was the source
With an axe to grind and lacking any remorse
In a cloak and dagger style
Lucy Ramirez delivered the file
Bill burned the originals, of course.

Mary Mapes is between a rock and a hard place
She may be the rat sacrificed to save face
With considerable lack of ethics or art
She arranged for Burkett to speak with Lockhart
A Kerry campaign advisor --what a disgrace!

Journalistic ethics be damned
CBS news ratings getting slammed
But what do you expect?
A few facts, they could have checked!
Anybody else getting scammed?

Where the story will end, no one knows
I'm really much better at prose
News agencies and campaigns colluding
Who do they think they're deluding?
With every passing day there is more to expose.
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