Thursday, June 25, 2009
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Wednesday, June 10, 2009
Attention Gamers:
SpySistah and I were talking yesterday and reminiscing a bit. She asked me a question that I couldn't really answer and I'm hoping that if anybody still reads this blog, maybe they'll have an answer.

Here's the lead-in:

Back in the day, SpySistah and I enjoyed computer games. But, they were a certain sort of computer game that I call extended problem-solving games. In particular, we played King's Quest and Police Quest and Leisure Suit Larry. In these games, you sort of had to explore until you stumbled upon the best way to proceed.

Do these sorts of games still exist?

I'm not talking about the Sims (no offense, total waste of time) or the build your own amusement park, etc. games.

I'm looking for a game with a real goal that you have to figure out on your own. And, I'm not talking about the sort of game where the structure is obvious and you simply have to press the right buttons in the right order to get to the next level a la Mario Brothers.

Do these sorts of games still exist?

Leave a comment if you have a suggestion...
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Friday, June 05, 2009
Latest Moves by Our Brilliant President
That title is sponsored by the literary function known as sarcasm.

The President's corporate tax changes are likely to force more unemployment as corporations take their businesses (and jobs) to more tax-friendly nations.

And, in the category of "New Diplomacy" (read: pissing on allies and cozying up to enemies and combative rogue states):

Jews in the West Bank are answering Obama's call to cease "illegal" building of settlements by erecting an "Obama hut." Which sort of puts me in mind to another President who had whole communities of ramshackle huts built during his term (Hoovervilles). Not to worry, Best President Evah still has plenty of time to beat the economy into a depression. Lord knows he's giving it his best shot.

Best part of the article:
"Obama, in his audacity, dreams that 350,000 Jews can be removed from Judea
and Samaria, but they are a fact that cannot be changed,"

Hey! Audacious dreams are the cornerstone of this Presidency! Realities, facts...not so much.

He's also managed to vex Angela Merkel on at least two fronts: GTMO and the global economic crisis. Again, the New Diplomacy mandates everything be turned upside down. Old, long-standing allies are the new enemy.

Add France to the list as well. The Obamas have snubbed a dinner invite with Mr. and Mrs. Sarkozy. Do you remember the days when we had a President who didn't try to piss off the good guys? Yeah, those were good times.

Why, I almost expect the next headline to be that Obama gave the finger to the Australian Prime Minister!

I hope all of that "love" from the Muslim world will make up for the bridges he's busy burning. Somehow, I doubt it.
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