Wednesday, October 20, 2004
Political Poetry v. 3.0
The "Also Ran"

There once was a smug chap from Boston, Mass.
His wife, though an heiress, was rather crass
13 days and counting
soundbytes keep on mounting
The polls suggesting an electoral impasse.

The other guy's a cowboy from Texas,
Led the nation through a hit to its solar plexus
He's served one term
Made terrorists squirm
And promises to make Terrorism his nexus.

I'm just a Kansas girl living in Wisconsin,
feeling like a resident of the loony bin
Health care, taxes, education
so much freakin' oration
But when it comes to war, I insist that we win

But were I a terrorist thug
With a menacing glare on my ugly mug
Managing IED's and car bombs
And lots of pals of Saddam's
John Kerry would get my plug

We seek the answer to a simple question.
Who to choose for the role of succession?
Equal Aggressor or Victim,
Empty Prose or Dictum,
A vigorous fight on our terms or cowardly concession?

I'm voting for and endorsing the man
Who's leading the fight, the guy with a plan
Ending terror where it exists
Something of which he insists
And that other guy can fade as the "Also Ran".


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