Wednesday, September 15, 2004
Political Poetry
For the edification of my readers, I humbly present my first political poem.

And the Truth is the Detonating Fuse

There once was a man from Boston, Mass.
Who as a Presidential candidate aimed to surpass
with briefcase and lucky hat
and re-created films of combat
The voters would surely come out en masse

But the boy's swiftboat ran a-ground
No amount of botox could change how he frowned
He plotted a plan
Involving friend Dan
In a last-ditch effort to be crowned

Dan implemented John's scheme
But he stuck to the Vietnam theme
60-minutes aired some letters
Dan's stuff couldn't be better
To give John a leg up to his dream

Dan said to John, "Be of good cheer."
"See here, what I've done for your career?"
But the letters proved fake
A 5-minute Microsoft-make
Sayeth the pajamas in the blogosphere

"Don't you know who I am?"
Asks our famous man Dan
"Intrepid Reporter!"
Lying Supporter
John is now thinking "blast & damn!"

Many see CBS and Dan as corrupt
Wondering if next they'll be bankrupt
Rhetoric's getting higher
Asses in the fire
Will Dan's career end a bit abrupt?

But what about Senator John?
Now that his plan's been i.d.-ed as a con?
Will he shake up his staff?
Make another Lambeau-type gaffe?
Perhaps next he'll bring up Saigon.

Kerry's campaign is on the rocks
It can't take many more shocks
Dan's sticking to his story
Dude, this is gonna be gory
Could he find his way out of a cereal box?

For George this is all good news.
Kerry's talked his way into the blues.
Terrorists need tending
Kerry's liberal agenda needs ending
And the Truth is the Detonating Fuse.

[snaps all around]
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