Monday, April 04, 2005
I'm in the mood
Spring is in the air today, with a high of 69 degrees expected. It is a real shame I'll be stuck inside, but I want to pay tribute to the weather anyway. The following is a series of poems I wrote all about the same event last summer: a bee sting.

Day One:

Got stung
On the knee
By a bee

Could’ve been a hornet
I wouldn’t have sworn it,
But it really really hurts.

Now my leg is swollen
Hot and red
Do you think I am dead?

Nose buried in a book
My leg it did itch
without even a look
without ever a hitch

I scratched

I upset the small beast
That’s when he sprung
swollen like a yeast
It is hell to be stung

The stinging went on

And continues still
I feel a little woozy
Do you think I should take a pill?
I knocked the beast a doozy

I doubt he lived

He didn’t deserve it
That nervy little insect
Ouch, was I bit
I’d like to dish him up a little vivisect

Prose is my usual form of self-flattery
Poetry seemed called for today
No more of this mad-hattery
I’ve work to do if I want to see pay.

Day Two:

The area of inflammation
Persists as an aggravation
It continues to itch
It’s really a %itch
An incredibly uncomfortable sensation

The itching has gone to my head
The area reaching a violent shade of red
I don’t know what to do
There’s no one to sue
I wish I could go back to bed

Last eve I applied ice to the spot
It felt a bit better but remained quite hot
My leg has a fever
Are you a believer?
It is better to be than not.

I’m seeking all manner of advice
It’s excruciating and not at all nice
What can you tell me?
And what is the fee?
It’s worth any roll of the dice.

You see, I am really a wimp
I was walking last night like a gimp
I can’t handle pain
Nor walk with a cane
So I suppose I shall continue to limp.

Sometimes I’m dumb as a brick
There really isn’t any trick
The itching will never
Really seem clever
But have you ever seen such a limerick?

I have of course been bit before
But there was never so much gore
It was still a test
I was stung on the breast
Has this gone on to be a bore?

The redness is baseball size
But so far I do not have hives
I continue to worry
I’m all in a flurry
Some how my rhyme doesn’t jive.

Seriously, though, I am waiting
Please do not be hesitating
Things are becoming hazy
Perhaps I am crazy
This feeling: I am definitely hating

Is there nothing I can apply?
It seems so do or die
This damnable spot
This bee sting I’ve got
How I’d love to be rid of it, Aye.

It is horrible to slumber then wake
With a violent and horrible shake
Only to find that you itch
In that small little niche
And to use your fingernails to rake

Sensitive is the region
The pain is quite legion
I’m nearing the end
And going round the bend
Desperately seeking an Aegean

Knowledge it is I seek from you
Whatever shall you have me do?
Lines like this seem dopey
But tell me, Obi Wan Kenobi
If you cannot tell me, then who?

Perhaps it was lazy
And a tad bit crazy
To reference Star Wars
When it rains it pours
An oblique reference – Princess Esterhazy

I meant to reference the Yoda all-knowing
But before my leg begins glowing
It’s time that you tell
Do I have to yell?
It’s not something I should be showing

I am begging you please
I am down on my knees
Do you think that you could
Oh, if only you would
Tell me the cure for the sting of the bees

I’ve gone on long enough
I don’t mean to be gruff
I am not lying
It is time for good-bying
But this pain it really is rough

Day Three (After some had questioned if I was serious):

Are you serious, truly?
Has my poetry been so unruly?

Of course I am stung.
I have barely begun

To describe all of the pain
It is such a bane

The missives I’ve sent
Though sometimes seem bent

Are true as true can be
It is so awful to be me.

I was stung, I say
Hear me! Hear me right away!

I haven’t been lying
I just might be dieing

Why would you think such a thing?
Must I lift my voice and sing?

I’m telling you now
I swear and I vow

I’ve been stung by a bee
I’ve been stung near the knee

Dr. Seuss has nothing on me
Oh fiddle dee dee

I need some instruction
To combat my patience’s destruction

It’s uncomfortable all day
I’ve so much to say

There is a new symptom to share
Though I’m wearing long pants its not easy to bare

At the center of the bite
Just where you might

Think it should be
Lies a blister you see

The skin all around is red and raw
There aught to be a law!

It itches so bad
I cannot be glad
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