Tuesday, April 24, 2007
Pet Peeve
Do you know what irks me?

People who won't take a message.

I take the time to call a business and ask for someone. Reception tells me that the person I want to speak with is "out". I ask her to leave him a message that I called, but she refuses. Instead, she sends me to voicemail.

First, this wastes my time. I now have to give the information a second time, this time waiting for the clicks and message to play. Second, she knows he is out, so presumably she'll know when he returns. Is she just that effing lazy? Or, as a compromise, she could take my message and then call his voicemail herself and leave the message that I called.

I don't think this is too much to ask, honestly. She's a freaking receptionist! One would assume that it was her job to receive visitors and callers and assist/direct them. Everytime I call (approx. 3 times per day) she gives me this run-around. For cripes' sake!
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