Thursday, December 21, 2006
Update on The Poisoned Ex-KGB Agent Case
This article seems to suggest a few new details:

Security sources told The Times that Russian officials refused to ask Mr Kovtun and Mr Lugovoy questions to which the British team wanted answers. Aware of the diplomatic sensitivities of this case, police chiefs and politicians have avoided any public disagreement with Russia or criticised the way Yuri Chaika, the country' Prosecutor-General, has effectively hijacked the investigation.

  • And of further interest is this oddity:

The first consignment [of Polonium-210] is reported to have arrived in the second part of October. The rest arrived in two further batches but police do not know why the couriers risked smuggling further supplies into Britain when the original amount was sufficent to murder their target.

The latest theory, made by Alexander Shvets, another former KGB spy, is that Litvinenko uncovered damaging information about a powerful Russian businessman with close links to President Putin.

The whole thing has me totally engrossed!


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