Tuesday, December 19, 2006
Now this is what civil war looks like
The MSM was so quick to label Iraq a "civil war". But strangely, they have yet to use that term in reference the ongoing battle between Hamas and Fatah. Instead, they call this "infighting" and "factional fighting". Interesting, that distinction. I haven't heard of any "foreign fighters" muddying the waters in this latest Palestinian-on-Palestinian conflict, have you? Here's what a Palestinian man-on-the-street had to say:
"It's a real war. Since the morning, I've been praying to God that this is going to end," said Suleiman Tuman, a 53-year-old shopkeeper who was trapped in his Gaza City grocery store by the fighting.

"Both sides used to fight the Israelis together. Now they are directing their weapons toward each other and we're in the middle," he said. "Both sides are responsible for this war."

And I guess he would know.

Consider, if you will, what we would call it if Democrats and Republicans were having shoot-outs and gunbattles in the streets. Somehow I doubt that the MSM would call that "infighting".
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