Tuesday, February 06, 2007
The British Are Coming!
Actually, the British have come and gone.

Today we hosted a British fact-finding mission at work. I was the contact person all along, so I was sort of the lead person for the logistics. Naturally, being me, I wanted our guests to feel comfortable in their visit.

They were, after all, a very long way from home. Moreover, and I stress that I am speaking in generalities here, the people of Wisconsin are not big on hospitality. Again, I'm speaking in generalities. I'm from a different place and measure by a different yardstick.

Anyway, I just wanted to go the extra mile, you know?

So, as I often do, I asked my guru, SpySistah, what I should do to make our guests feel particularly welcome. She suggested that we have tea on hand and something sweet. I dutifully went home and prepared blueberry muffins and brought tea cups for the meeting. I picked up some English Breakfast and Earl Grey and brought in some of my favorite Hot Cinnamon Sunset.

Do you know what they asked for when they arrived?



In most places this would not be a big deal. Unfortunately, we just don't do coffee here. The few coffee drinkers go out for their own cup and the rest drink Coke.

I wanted to shrivel up and die on the spot. I wanted to provide our guests with their hearts' desire, and failed. Miserably. They did like the muffins, though.

Still, I was horrified. It isn't like the stereotype is what did me in, either. I was working off of informed information. Bah! They were gracious about it and we all laughed, but I would have preferred to have done better.

For the record, the meeting went very well and our guests took home plenty of information.

But, as it turns out, the Brits do drink coffee. Oh, well. I tried.


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