Tuesday, February 27, 2007
The REAL Inconvenient Truth
I didn't say much about Al Gore's "documentary" winning an Oscar, because frankly, who gives a shit? Certainly not me. I'm not going to go see it anymore than I am a lot of the junk that Hollywood puts out there.

Sure, I'm one of the man-made global warming skeptics. Sure, I called Minnesota's push to give Al Gore an honorary Climatology degree a public bj. But, I wasn't going to gun for the guy in particular.

Others, however, are not pulling their punches.

Al Gore is finding his own heating and electric bills mighty inconvenient this morning. Despite beating the drum about how we "all" need to minimize our "carbon footprint" and reduce energy usage, Gore's energy usage has actually increased since his little "documentary" was released.

Moreover, Gore's mansion draws more energy in kilowatts in a single month than the average family requires in a year. My, my, my. The hypocrisy is particulary pungent this morning, isn't it?

Gore's talking head had this to say about this "inconvenient truth": "You can't just look at a month's utility bills, or a year's utility bills and understand a man's life," she told FOXNews.com in a phone interview.

My GAWD! Someone has a strong sense of Noblesse Oblige and Divine Right, don't they?

Frankly, I think the stink is pretty noisome on this one. Of course, it neither shocks or even registers with me. Folks like Gore (and his Hollywood friends in their own mansions and multiple dwellings) are always insisting that the rest of us do more while they fly their private jets off to NYC to go shopping for the day and heat their swimming pools in February, etc.

You want to convince me, Al? Do a bit more to be like the rest of us. Then, maybe, I'll give credence to your theory. Until then, I suggest you go suck on one of the tailpipes from your motorcade.

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