Friday, March 09, 2007
Teeth Cracking...shiver...
I was conspicuously silent in this space yesterday for good reason. Prince Charming had to have oral surgery - 3 teeth extracted - and this made for a busy and hectic day. I went to work to get things started, then drove back home to pick him up and take him to his appointment. I sat in the private waiting room for 1.5 hours, then they allowed me into his recovery room to help wake him up. Then we went home and fed him pudding and painkillers - I'm not sure which he enjoyed more - and then I went back to work again.

My poor prince was packed with gauze, bleeding, swollen, and in considerable pain. He is still in pain this morning but the swelling has diminished a bit. They had quite a bit of trouble getting one tooth out. It was very deep. In fact, they told me not to be surprised if he has some bruising. Yowza. He told me he could hear his teeth cracking during the surgery. That gives me the willies. I remember that sound from when I had my own wisdom teeth removed. I'll never get over that sound.

It was odd to see him so...vulnerable. Very unsettling. The roles are usually reversed. When we were having the baby, he was the one who had to watch me be vulnerable and face the pain, the huge honking needles, the shaking and quivering, and then eventually, the open guts hanging out. He got to hold the baby immediately while they stapled me closed, warmed me up, and stabilized me - something that would have been more easily accomplished had someone actually shown me my child and assured me she was fine.

As it was, though, Prince Charming did as I had asked and never let the baby out of his sight.

But yesterday, he was the one that needed to be taken care of and treated gently. It will be a while before he's chewing steak, but he has ice cream, pudding, and soup to get him through.

Not to mention those pain pills.


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