Wednesday, July 18, 2007
Isn't it Ironic, doncha think?
Democrats in the U.S. Senate held a slumber party overnight, perhaps you've heard?

Instead of braiding each other's hair and filling in slam books, or even crushing on Scott Baio or Kirk Cameron, they decided to bitch and moan (classic teenage girl activities also) about the war in Iraq. Specifically, they want to vote to bring the troops home, quit, give-up. In short, they want to lose. I don't see any other way to describe it. We are just now seeing the first results of the new and improved strategy and they want to cut and run as though The New Kids on the Block are across the mall.

I read somewhere this morning (forgive me for not linking to the comment, I lost it and can't attribute) where someone said, "if the Democrats had fought to win this war with half the enthusiasm they've fought to lose it, we might have already won."

There's some truth in that. Do you think Iraq exists in a bubble? Of course not. The bad guys watch CNN. They know who the anti-war senators are. They've heard the MSM bleat on about the "unpopularity of the war." (Aside - excuse me, but has there ever been a popular war?) In my opinion, and I stress the last word in that clause, Harry Reid even bringing this up for debate is an act of treason.

That's right. I said treason. American men and women are in harms way and the Democrats in the Senate believe that the best thing to do is waste time debating. Fuck if that isn't stupid. You aren't "supporting the troops" as you claim, you are emboldening the enemy. And, just in case the Democrats aren't clear on the term "enemy" when used outside of partisan politics on the beltway, the enemy would be the bad guys firing RPGs, rifles, and IEDs at our troops. They are killing innocent Iraqi civilians and children like they are bugs on the patio, keeping the bug zapper zapping non-stop.

Supporting the troops would be to give them a chance. It would be supportive to let the new and improved strategy have a chance to produce results. But no! Instead, let us bitch and moan in an overnite session in the Senate so that we can get plenty of jabs in at the President.

All those fuckers look like fools to my mind's eye, that is when I don't see them as out and out traitors.

So, I find it ironic that the news this morning is all about how we captured another big baddie in Iraq on the Fourth of July. No doubt we've been exploiting his intel in the days since.

You know, it is incredibly disheartening, this lack of love that the majority of Democrats seem to have for this great nation. They are the elected leaders of our country, and yet they want nothing more than to see us lose a war. They are invested in the loss. They need it to happen for themselves. Their lust for a loss in Iraq has nothing to do with preserving this country or our way of life, and everything to do with their next election, being "right", and sticking it to the President, all the better to gain more seats and the White House in November 2008.

It used to be that leadership was about making the tough decisions, showing backbone, and proving yourself with deeds instead of words. It used to be about inspiring people and pushing toward a greater goal. The Democrats lack backbone and the toughest decision they make is where to have lunch. Their greater goal is gaining power.

It is quite defeating to know that these poor excuses for leaders are on our team...
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