Wednesday, July 11, 2007
There are few things more wonderful than being a mother. When Bunny gives me an unsolicited hug or attempts to wake me from a nap with a kiss, I get all gooey inside. She is a sweet child, with perhaps a serious independent streak. We have been working on potty training, of course. We are also learning about the bigger world around us.

Just the other day, for example, the young girl (okay, she's 17) next door brought over their new puppy. She was the size of a guinea pig. I think it was a bit of a surprise to Bunny Boop to hear "puppy" and "doggie" used to describe her because these were the same words that we used to describe SpySistah's chocolate lab, who is significantly larger. I showed her a tiny little toad, about the size of a nickel, that I found in the driveway. She wasn't enthused.

These days, she always wants to be outside. The only real tantrums she's thrown have been in response to being told that No, she's not going outside. She absolutely loves to be in the water and loves to play with the hose and pretend to water the flowers. Adorable.

We have a trip to the zoo planned for the end of the month. I expect that will really open her eyes.

Her vocabulary is growing too, albeit slowly. She sort of says "I love you", but it isn't very clear and she only says it when I say it first. She did say "baby" yesterday and that was very clear. Everything is "up", even if what she really means is down. She has recently started the "mama, mama, mama, mama" routine and still knows "daddy." She understands much more than she is able to vocalize though. She knows what "no" means. She knows what breakfast is. She understands hug, kiss, bedtime, bath, outside, puppy, car, sandals, milk, cheese, hat, blanket, baby, bear, duck, eat. She can show you her hand, foot, leg, hair, ear, nose, mouth, tongue, eyes when you ask. (We are still learning butt and arm).

She recognizes her lunch box, of all things! I pack her lunch each night after supper and put it in the fridge for the next morning. (It is a simple tupperware sandwich keeper that I fill with a half sandwich, fruit/veggies, animal crackers, etc). This morning she saw me take it out of the fridge and got all excited...until I put it in her bag. Then she acted like "where's the food then?" So we had oatmeal and all was forgiven.

She loves to brush her teeth, most days. She is less fond of having her hair brushed. She loves Spongebob; her favorite character is Squidward.

We are going to keep working on potty training and begin learning about putting our toys away too. She is absolutely the sparkle in my life, the treasure in my every day.


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