Monday, May 05, 2008
That has to have been one of the most exhausting weekends in a while!

Saturday was filled with rain, so I straightened up the house a bit and did some laundry. In the afternoon, I made a run to pick up a sooper secret surprise for our princess. Yes! With the help of a wonderful friend, I managed to bring home a swing set for our little girl.

Later that evening, her father sorted all the pieces and began assembly (with some help). By 10 pm, we had reached the end of what could be done in the garage and called it a night. The next morning, after a quick run to the grocery store, assembly began anew.

My husband just tore through it! He did an amazing job. He kept me hopping as I ran after hardware and held this or that just like so. Late in the morning, another friend popped by to lend a hand and give me and Bunny a break. I fed her lunch and rotated loads of laundry. The entire project was completed by 3 pm, but our little girl didn't bother waiting for the final call. As we were adding the stuff she was busy playing.

She had to try out all three swings several times. She sat at the little picnic table. She climbed up and down the steps like a madwoman. And finally, finally, the slide was attached and she started breaking that feature in too.

The first five times she insisted on help and I had to hold her hand as she slid down. But after that, she was all confidence! She would slide down, we clapped and shouted appropriate "good girls!" She clapped too, then said in the most hilarious way "thankyou, thankyou" as though she were on a stage and had just finished her act. I almost couldn't stop laughing, it was so funny! I half expected her to remind us to tip our waitresses!

With a chorus of "Go, Go, GO!" from her audience, she would climb the ladder again and barrel down the slide anew. She had a blast! And, played herself out. She collapsed on the couch with a whimpered request for Bob (that's SpongeBob for those not in the know), and proceeded to crash within five minutes. All she needed was a short break, however, and not long after our friends returned, she was back at play with the other kids.

I took lots of pictures and will post them soon. Suffice it to say, however, that Bunny Boop's "thankyou, thankyou" and abundant kisses expressed her gratitude to her father most poignantly. Now we are all a bit tired, sunburned, and sore, but it is worth it.


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