Tuesday, April 08, 2008
I have discovered the appropriate carrot, now where's my stick?
Yesterday, I laid out a new plan as regards the potty training of Bunny Boop.

The plan was part bribery, part blackmail. That plan has shown some progress.

When I arrived home yesterday, I showed Bunny Boop the bag of miniature peanut butter cups I had bought for her. She is a huge fan of these, rabid even, and wanted to dig into the bag immediately.

But I said no. I explained to her that she could have one if she went potty in the potty. I then showed her the m&m's. I explained that she could have one of these if she sat on the potty.

I wish I had had a camera at that moment. My child looked at those m&m's with blatant, unmasked, disdain. In fact, when I gave her an m&m after helping her to sit down on the potty, she threw the m&m into the bowl.

She doesn't need no steenkin' m&m's! Not when there are peanut butter cups!

I feel like a crack dealer. After she had sat on the potty for 5 or 10 minutes, I finally gave her one of the peanut butter cups so that she would associate them with the potty. Next time? No pee, no peanut butter cup. Just like a crack dealer: get 'em hooked for free, then bleed 'em dry.

Extortion, blackmail, bribery, and a little crack-dealer-esque hook-n-bleed. All in a day's work for a mother.

By the way, bibi did get to go to the baby sitter's with Bunny today. She sat on the potty this morning like a big girl, so as promised, bibi got to go to the sitter's house. But, since she didn't do her business, no peanut butter cup was given. And, the m&m reward for sitting was again treated disdainfully and tossed into the bowl without regret.

Perhaps I should buy stock in Reese's.


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At 9:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Crank it up a notch...put her in big-girl pants, and if she wets 'em, throw a PB cup in the trash. Oh, the humanity!! (Only had to do this once, swear to God, and daughter got the point.)


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