Friday, October 24, 2008
Obama Takes Victory Lap
Is it just me, or is the media trying to convince us that the election is already over and Obama has already moved into the White House?

I mean, he has the audacity to go to Europe in the middle of his campaign and do speeches over there, he meets with Iraqi leaders and tries to get them to hold off agreeing to a withdrawal of US troops until he's President, he's fucking selling access to his big victory party...this guy, this guy, this guy!

What the fuck? Is he just entitled to the Presidency and we're all just supposed to suck his dick? I don't think so. Has he never heard about counting chickens before they hatch? Is he so unfamiliar with the electoral process he doesn't see the need to actually have the election and count the votes?

This guy is so arrogant, so conceited, so convinced of his own inevitability that it is clear he's been reading his own press.

The American Electorate needs to wake up! WAKE UP!

Barak Obama is buying this election with illegal donations. He knows it and he's turning a blind eye to the problem. His campaign donation security is so lax that Adolph Hitler, Mickey Mouse, Good Will, and Doodad Pro have donated. It is as simple as this: the campaign is soliciting illegal campaign donations. Not even the simplest of credit card authorization checks is being conducted. Why? Because the motherfucker thinks he can get away with it. And so far, it appears that he can. Shameful.

The same information would get you a denial from, but your money is welcome over at Obama for Pres.

This guy has not a modicum of honor as far as I can tell, and yet half the country is convinced he's the guy to represent us to the world. Ladies, get in line: It is time for your burka fitting. Also time that you took your beating from your husband, walked five steps behind him, and kept your mouth shut like a good little dhimmi wife.

Obama will raise taxes, jobs will dry up, the economy will go from slump to actual Depression. You won't be able to send your kid to college...the realities of an Obama Presidency are too dangerous to contemplate further.

Mr. Socialism is going to requisition your property and the fruit of your labor and redistribute it to those who won't do for themselves. Because that's "fair."

I really need a pep talk.
posted by Phoenix | 9:44 AM


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