Tuesday, July 26, 2005
Much Ado About Nothing...
Talk about a tempest in a teapot. The anti-gun wackadoos are all foaming at the mouth over the "accidental" shooting of a Brazilian in the wake of the most recent terror attacks in London.

But, let's debunk that "accidental" shooting. First of all, it was no accident! The British police fired on a suspicious subject dressed in a "bulky" coat (IN JULY) that jumped a turnstile and ran from police when ordered to "Stop! Police!" I'm sorry, but that is suspicious behavior. Somebody who is innocently jamming to their ipod tunes doesn't behave this way. Somebody who is jaywalking doesn't behave this way. No, only people who think they ought to run from police behave this way. It was no accident! This guy's stupidity got him killed, no differently than people who drink and drive and kill themselves in an accident.

The fact of the matter is, he knew better. He's been living in England! You can't tell me that the terrorist attacks in London somehow escaped his notice! Moreover, reports suggest that he's been living in London for at least 2 years, so he must have enough of an understanding of English to know what "Stop! Police!" means.

Some say that he was running because his green card had expired and he didn't want to get caught. Um...I didn't think that the Brits were so hard-core on immigration violations. Am I missing something? It flat-out doesn't wash!

Nevertheless, even if he was motivated by fear and completely innocent, it doesn't matter. He is dead. It is a tragedy and we can wish it otherwise, but the simple fact remains. It would be irresponsible to now blame the brave individuals who chased him down. While this guy was innocent, the next one may not be. I would prefer that the next one also got seven head shots rather than be given the time to depress the trigger. Some suggest that the coppers ought to have said, "Excuse me, old chap, but would you be one of those terrorist fellows intent on blowing us all to hell? Because if you are, I will be obliged to shoot you now."

I'm sorry, but that is bloody ridiculous!

They had probable cause. They had a reasonable expectation that this person was a danger to British citizens. I'm glad they pulled the trigger! I'm glad they plugged this potential threat 8 times! I wouldn't have stopped until the clip was empty!

And let's be clear: it is the protection of the citizenry that is their duty. I'm sorry that this young man died. I'm sorry that he lacked the mental capacity to stop when the police directed him to do so. But mostly, I'm sorry to see some bending over and begging to take it in the ass.

God help them. I pray that they aren't the ones holding the pistol when the time comes.
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