Monday, August 29, 2005
Mommy & Me
Week 21, according to the experts:
The rapid growth phase begins to slow down this week. The heart grows stronger
this week, and the legs are reaching their relative proportions.

Oh boy. Pregnancy is not as fun as people tell you it is. It is all a big fraud. People tell you how wonderful it is, (lies, damn lies), as a way to perpetuate the species. If women really knew how bad it can be, they wouldn't do it. Or at least, fewer would do it.

My exasperation is fueled by the continuing morning sickness. It just isn't glamorous to puke. There is no way to do it casually, or even look good doing it. You are bent over, heaving, red in the face and sweaty. Come to think of it, this may resemble what I'll look like in labor. Lovely. Yet another reason not to document the moment on video. Who wants to remember looking and feeling like that, I ask you?

Things are changing for me. I'm showing now. This weekend I'll be doing the shop of shame: buying maternity clothes so that I can be seen in public. I have stopped wearing my wedding ring. I was afraid that if I didn't stop, they'd have to cut it off my sausage-like fingers. Instead, I am wearing a different diamond ring that I usually wear on my middle finger of the right hand. It slides on and off easily, so no need to defile any gold or diamonds.

I went shopping with my mom this weekend. We took the Baby Depot by storm. I picked out a stroller/carseat jobber, a play pen, a swing, and several other critical pieces of baby equipment. Additionally, I showed Mom the furniture and decorating scheme I've decided on. She agreed with my plan, so I feel confident and good about that. Mom even bought the baby a little hat while we were out. It is a sort of beret, pink velour of course, with little embroidered flowers. Adorable.

I'm feeling a little more prepared. I still don't think I know everything I ought to know, but then, who does? I mean, they'll let anybody be a parent, so I figure I can't be the worst option out there. Moreover, our little girl has already chosen us as parents, so there is little she or I can do about that.

Prince Charming has been very sweet. I made him get out of bed Friday night to bring me toast and apple sauce. He did so with very little grumbling. I reminded him that it could be a lot worse. He could have had to drive to some place for some special item. He told me that he wouldn't do that. Ah, well. We'll see.


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At 2:38 PM, Blogger WitNit said...

Make sure that man takes care of you! And every good man knows that his wife gets MORE beautiful as the pregnancy progesses.


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