Friday, June 09, 2006
I'll take "Things that give me a red ass" for $1000, Alex
What is this?

Michelle Malkin is covering a story of a third generation Italian-American Philadelphia businessman who is taking a stand on illegal immigration.

Joseph Vento is the proprietor of Geno's, the home of the Philly Cheesesteak. Joseph feels that as the progeny of immigrants who entered the country and assimilated, learning English to do so, he should be able to expect his customers to speak English, or eat elsewhere.

Joseph has signs posted at his front door stating that "This is America -- When ordering, 'Speak English'" and "Management Reserves the Right to Refuse Service."

Kudos to him, I say, for taking this stand. However, a local city councilman by the name of Jim Kenney wants Vento to remove the sign requiring orders in English.

To which I say he is an appeasing pussy-whipped coward. Kenney wants the sign removed because it has "irritated some activists" and because Geno's is an "iconic institution."

Apparently, the feelings of some crybabies and the fact that Geno's is a long-standing popular member of the community trump the basic rights of Vento to a) run his business as he sees fit, b) free speech, c) refuse customers, and d) free will.

Interestingly enough, these protestors plan to send people into the business expressly to order in Spanish to test what happens and, depending on events, sue Vento.

Which is just typical of those bastards and exactly why they don't get much sympathy.

Look, assimilation doesn't mean "sell your soul." You don't have to stop being of a certain descent or religious beliefs to be a United States citizen. There are very good reasons for having a common language, not the least of which is safety.

And it gives me a case of red ass when an elected official suggests that a legal citizen should give up their rights to accomodate a certain group. It is wrong and it sucks. If I were one of his constituents, I'd be sure to fire his ass come election day.

That's all I have to say about that.
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