Thursday, November 30, 2006
My Candidate in 2008
The Maximum Leader has posted a list of what he wants to see in a 2008 Presidential Candidate. I'd link the post, but the archives thingy isn't working.

What I will say is, I find little to gripe about in The Maximum Leader's post. I would definitely vote for The Maximum Leader's candidate and support his candidacy in other ways. Frankly, I think Our Maximum Leader needs to run on just this ticket!

I too believe that we need

-- a plain-speaking leader who says what he means in a no-bones, don't-paint-me-in-a-box-with-words, no-nonsense way.

-- a leader who lets the Iraqis know that they need to start getting control of their own house or we are going to fix the situation for them in a way that will feel a lot like too-tight underwear.

-- a leader who doesn't apologize for terrorists or try to negotiate with them, one who let's the terrorists know that our daisy cutters can easily be replaced with something that gives them a permanent glow (for the short time they have left on this earth). They can give up their dreams of world domination and a global caliphate, or we're going to bomb their asses to carbon. I want him to start playing on terms that they understand. We are going to hunt you down. We are going to hunt down every goddamned bowel movement you've ever had. We are going to put a bounty on every terrorist assholes head and start laying out cash to anybody with information like new money trying to buy a brand new caddy. I want him to insist upon making the world free for democracy and the basic freedoms of man because our children deserve no less.

-- a simplified tax code sounds wonderful. We also need to permanently abolish the estate tax (on all estates) so that we can continue to feed this nation in the years to come.

-- a real fiscal conservative. I'm looking for someone to say: "Look. Ya'll are spending money like a bunch of drunken sailors in port for the first time in a decade. This must stop. As such, I am going to veto every damn bill, no matter what, if there is a single non-essential bit of spending in it. We aren't going to be building anymore bridges to nowhere on the taxpayer's dime until the war is won. If you want to spend, our military could use a few things. I'll put together a list.

-- a realist on Social Security. I want my candidate to say that the crisis of Social Security can not be pushed on the back burner any longer because of politics. I want him to clarify to crystal the fact that it is a pyramid scheme and the people on the bottom are gonna get screwed. I want him to give tax credits to those people who are doing their best to provide for themselves. I want him to plaining speak to the boomers about how taking a cut in benefits is in the best interests of the country and their children. Unless they want their children entering into lives of endless indentured servitude.

-- a cowboy on border security. The rule of law should stand and he should make it plain that we aren't going to tolerate any more illegal entries. We are not going to fast-track, excuse, or otherwise make it easy for cheaters to cut in front of the citizenship line. We are going to make their lives so uncomfortable that they'd rather wait in their homeland for two years to enter legally than face the consequences of entering illegally. Furthermore, I want him to require a decision on citizenship within 3 years of entry. If you want to be here, become a citizen. If not, go home.

-- a gun owner. My candidate will be a friend of all gun owners as they are the best defense they have for the preservation of their lives and their property. They are also the only chance we have at a final line of defense should we ever be invaded. My candidate will not take issue with whatever weapon you choose, nor will he allow Congress to sweepingly decide what should be illegal because it looks scary.

-- a man of conviction and integrity. My candidate will be faithful to his wife and not float a poll before he decides which direction to take. His guides will be freedom for all and the Constitution of this land.

What I wouldn't give for a man who had some backbone.
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At 8:28 AM, Blogger The Maximum Leader said...

Thanks for the endorsement. But, I'm afriad that I'm not a viable candidate... As I have convictions and a backbone...


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