Wednesday, December 13, 2006
Sort of Funny in a Sick Way
So, I have to tell you about something that totally made me laugh the other day, even if I'm not particularly proud of it.

As I was driving through town, I saw one of those houses that has gone overboard on the whole Christmas decorations thing. You know the kind of house I'm talking about. This house has 8 or 9 of those inflatable characters cavorting in the front lawn. Spongebob, Pooh, and a number of other licensed characters are busy wearing Santa hats or doing something. (Look - I freely admit that I am not a fan of these things. They are just a bit too...carney for me).

Anyway, what was so funny is that this time as I drove by it looked like a massacre had taken place. It appeared as though 8 or 9 people had been slain there on the front lawn. This was because the characters had deflated. It was disturbing but funny, if you know what I mean. I'm not suggesting that an actual massacre would be amusing, I knew that the "bodies" were merely deflated representations of cartoon characters, but seeing them like that was hysterically funny.

So I laughed and laughed, deep from the belly. And then I felt bad about it because some kid is going to be heartbroken.

Not to worry though. They've all been reinflated and the Carnival of Christmas Crap has returned. (No offense intended if you own one of these things. I just don't think anybody needs 9 in their front yard).
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