Wednesday, January 17, 2007
A Case for Encyclopedia Brown
Assuming he's grown up and taking paternity cases these days from his PI office in the suburbs (Bugs Meany having long ago been put away on some three-strikes rule)...

Here's an interesting mystery: The case of the pregnant chimp.

A Louisiana animal sanctuary has been visited by the stork. Despite all seven males in the population having been given vasectomies, a female chimp by the name of Teresa has given birth. Now a paternity test is underway to determine who's the daddy.

Chimp Haven managers knew something was up when they could not find one of their chimps last week. Teresa, who's been at Chimp Haven for the past year and a half, was nowhere to be found during the morning rounds. Later that morning, she appeared with a newborn chimpanzee in her arms.

No, they aren't going after him for child support. They are going to get him a new vasectomy. Talk about a boobie prize.

The baby chimp has been named Tracy and arrangements have been made for her to live out her life at the sanctuary with her mother.


posted by Phoenix | 12:19 PM


At 3:04 PM, Blogger CTG said...

this happened at the LA Zoo a few years ago. Except that they ended up with three baby chimps before they figured out who the daddy was!


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