Wednesday, January 10, 2007
Um, you can't do that...
Sometimes you have to wonder if our esteemed representation in Congress is familiar with the United States Constitution.

As you may or may not be aware, President Bush is scheduled to speak to the nation this evening and outline a "new strategy" for Iraq. The Democrats, ever the party to poo-poo any idea offered by a Republican, with or without hearing it first, seem set on making sure that the President can't send more troops into a hot trouble spot.

Nevermind the fact that the Constitution gives all military power to the President, even going so far as to name him the Commander in Chief. Hard to top that, but the relentless hand-wringers on the left side of the aisle are attempting to do just that.

Ted Kennedy of Chappaquiddik fame plans to introduce a bill to deny the necessary funds to send these troops into the fray prepared to fight. Once again he is using the term "civil war" to characterize the action there and explain why US troops shouldn't be there.

In my opinion, only worth a nickel as it is, this is just the sort of posturing that makes the Democrats lose credibility. The leaders on the ground in Iraq have requested a few more troops to stem the growing violence in two areas. President Bush seems set to grant their request so as to help them to win the war and come home safely.

The Democrats, in their attempts to make brownie points with the Cindy Sheehan crowd and anti-war-for-any-reason activists at the farthest (and loudest) side of the left, are playing politics with the lives of our troops, the future of Iraq's fledgling democracy, and the bigger War on Terror with those that would like to see us all lying in a mass grave.

I can't believe how stupid they are! Suppose you tell me to bake a cake for a party. I get started and realize that I don't have enough eggs. Would you not send me more eggs? If you expect me to bake a cake, don't you make sure that I have all that I need to get the job done?

The Democrats in Congress (for all of their joint wisdom which seems might fit in Polly Pocket's pocket) would deny you those eggs. And not just the eggs! They'd expect a six-layer, rolled fondant iced chocolate cake from a bucket of old nuts and a bushel of moldy wheat. No leavening agents. No pans. No oven. And then, if you don't manage to deliver a masterpiece, you will be to blame, once again propping up their preconceived notion that we don't need a kitchen because it doesn't produce anything useful and only poisons people. Nevermind the fact that we still need to eat, even if it isn't cake.

Maybe I took that metaphor too far, but it illustrates my point nicely. The master baker (The President) and his sous chefs (the generals, colonels, and troops of all ranks) are being denied the necessary tools - eggs, flour, milk, butter, sugar (troops and money) to deliver the cake for the party (victory, peace, and democracy for the Iraqis and the shutting down of a large front in the war on terror). They won't be happy until the kitchen is gutted, the sous chefs fired and not replaced, and the master baker replaced by their own sushi chef.

I don't know about you, but I don't want sushi. I want cake.
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