Wednesday, January 03, 2007
Happy New Year, everybody!

I've been out of pocket for a very long holiday and am now returned, albeit briefly. Four days off (I was off yesterday due to the National Day of Mourning for President Ford), I almost felt guilty. Almost.

In point of fact, it was very nice. We went to the in-laws for the weekend and celebrated Christmas with them and returned home on New Year's Eve Day. I went grocery shopping. And then we did absolutely nothing. We went to bed early so I could head off on Monday with my mother and so Prince Charming wouldn't miss an instant of the UW Badgers in the Capital One Bowl. (They got robbed out of a BCS Bowl, I'm just sayin'!)

Yesterday I ran errands and took it easy. The tree is down and the Christmas decorations are back in their bins. Life is slowly returning to normal. Thank goodness! All of that holiday whirlwind gets old after a while.

It was a real surprise to me to learn that poor ol' Saddam had been executed. Don't get me wrong, in general I think the SOB had it coming. Worse, in fact. I think they should have gotten a bit creative, but nevermind. I was surprised because I thought cooler heads would prevail and they would wait a bit longer. No matter. It is a new year. Iraq is now free of the threat of that mad tyrant. Let's hope they are smart enough to avoid similar ones in future coughAl Sadercough.

President Ford's passing was sad, but I thought it was really classy the way his children greeted the mourners individually who came to pay their respects in the Capital Rotunda. How many thousands of hands did they shake? Talk about grace. Their father is taken from them and they see to the grief of the masses. That, in my book, is grace and class. So, kudos to the Ford family.

I also found it interesting, in the whole coverage of the Funeral and mourning, how the MSM has forgiven Ford for pardoning Nixon. I heard nary an ill word spoken on the matter, rarely even heard it mentioned, as a matter of fact. I found it interesting because the MSM hates Nixon with a burning passion and Watergate is the primary scandal of their combined consciences. It was burned into their brains. Now every scandal has "gate" attached to the end of it.

I'm going to have to call it a day early. Bunny Boop is not feeling well and needs her mommy.


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