Wednesday, April 25, 2007
Update on The Poisoned Ex-KGB Agent Case
Scotland Yard has been doggedly working the case of Alexander Litvinenko's murder by Polonium-210. It now seems likely that arrest warrants will be issued for the three Russian Ex-KGB agents that met with Litvinenko that day in the Millenium Hotel. This article suggests that warrants will be soon issued for Lugovoy, Kovtun, and Sokolenko despite their on-going protestations of innocence.

However, as is there is no extradition treaty between London and Moscow, this will likely come to nothing. Moscow wants Russian billionaire Boris Berezovsky's head on a pike for his persistent "Putin needs to be removed revolution-style" comments, but England has granted Berezovsky political asylum. And, it seems unlikely that London would agree to return Berezovsky to Russia for a pretty clear death sentence in exchange for three murderers of their own.

What a tangled web, eh? Anyway, just thought you'd enjoy a real spy story for once.

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