Wednesday, June 06, 2007
I never do this
You know me. I never do this. I never tell you to send money here or support this cause or this disease. I just don't do it. I don't feel that I should, that this isn't the right venue. I wouldn't even ask you to buy girl scout cookies in this venue.

So, perhaps then, it will be all the more striking when you see that I am going to put up a widget to raise funds for Fred Thompson. I'm with Fred. He's the guy I want at the desk while my family sleeps. So, if after very careful consideration you agree with me, I would be happy if you decided to support Fred.

I have carefully considered my options, on both sides of the field, and find them all lacking or loathsome. Fred is the only guy that I trust, it is as simple as that. I don't care that he's an actor, I don't care that he's divorced, I don't even care that he didn't seek reelection when his term in the Senate expired.

What I care about is his stance on the Global War on Terror, Immigration, Israel, and a dozen other issues.

I like that he's the kind of guy that will act. He's the kind of guy who draws a line in the sand and says cross it and you will be treated to with all necessary force. He's the kind of guy who loves this country and won't sell it out to special interests or muck her up with a bunch of nanny-state bullshit.

The guy is all class. I want him to run for President because he will force the other candidates to get honest.

So, as CTG says, Run, Fred, Run!

Update: Okay. Not gonna do the widget thing as it broadcasts my personal information to anybody who clicks on it. But, go ahead and do this on your own at I'm With Fred.


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