Wednesday, July 18, 2007
Next Up: Berezovsky
It seems that Mother Russia hasn't exterminated quite all of her enemies yet.

Berezovsky is next, if this report is correct.

London - Russia wanted to murder Russian oligarch and Kremlin critic Boris Berezovsky in London several weeks ago, he told British broadcaster BBC on Wednesday.

The police had informed him about a murder plot three weeks ago and told him to leave Britain, Berezovsky said.

The Russian government had been behind the plot, he said.

He had also received a tip-off from Russia, he added.

'Someone I know was meant to come to London to meet me and kill me publicly without hiding. He was later meant to say he had done it for business purposes,' Berezovsky said.

The Sun tabloid daily reported earlier, a hit man had been hired to shoot Berezovsky at the Hilton hotel in the city centre, but the man had been captured in time following a secret service tip-off.

The police have not confirmed the reports.

Dude, don't get on Putin's shit list. People on that list have health problems.


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