Wednesday, March 26, 2008
Bossy Little Thing
It should come as no surprise to those who know me, but Bunny Boop is becoming quite a bossy little thing, with a very distinct opinion on just about everything.

Her new two favorite words are "no" and "why"? Heaven help us!

"No" is usually said with a certainty that leaves no room for debate. She says it calmly, but forcefully. It is clear she has heard this word a lot in her short life.

"Why?" is usually said in a whiny tone as in "why me?". It is quite humorous actually to tell someone that SpongeBob went to bed and to hear the response come back as a pitiful question.


"He was tired. Bob gets tired, just like you do."


Such a little drama queen.

But, for all of the drama, she's also very resolute. She's a strong little thing, capable of managing the 10-lb pull on our SubZero refrigerator. Of course, she can't reach all of the shelves...but that doesn't stop her.

Just last night, she said "Mom!" and pulled me in the direction of the kitchen. She got there first and opened the refrigerator door. I wasn't coming along fast enough to satisfy her, so she said "MOM!" and swung her arm out and back to her side, indicating that I needed to beat feet to her location.

I know where she got this, of course.

I am the guilty party.

She is learning her bossy behavior from my example.

I didn't know whether to laugh or correct her behavior! On the one hand, it was terribly funny. On the other hand...Oh my gawd! She's such a little Hitler!

Still, she makes me happy...


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