Monday, March 17, 2008
"Like an Old Uncle Who Sometimes Says Things I Don't Agree With"
The blogosphere is bubbling with stories of Obama's "controversial" pastor. And, I intend to chime in on the matter.

First off, let me preface my views by saying that I am not a religious person. I am a spiritual person, but I think religion is ruined by church...and man. I don't need that kind of influence in my life, so I usually eschew it. I'm sure that not all churches are filled with bigoted hypocrites, but experience has taught me that I'm happier taking my own spiritual journey in a much smaller boat.

I don't care what particular brand of religion Obama subscribes to anymore than I care about Mitt Romney's being a Mormon or the religious beliefs of any elected officials. That being said, I do find some of Obama's church's views anathema to me, as do many. But even that isn't the focus of my tirade. No. Instead, I am concerned with Obama's views on these matters.

Because the Rev. Jeremiah Wright doesn't limit his sermons to Jesus or his teachings, but goes far afield and discusses politics and racism from the pulpit. As a matter of fact, I find some of the things he has said to be downright hateful - and I find that surprising coming from a man of the cloth FROM THE PULPIT. Don't get me wrong: I'm not some pie-eyed Pollyanna who would think a pastor couldn't be capable of hate. All men are capable of hate - it is a natural human condition, I'm just surprised that he bleats it from the pulpit.

What I find more offensive even than the Rev. Wright's words is the way that Obama is claiming ignorance and poo-poohing the matters.

Obama has been going to this church for 20 years. Reverand Wright married Mr. and Mrs. Obama and presided over the baptisms of their children. The notion that Obama is somehow ignorant of Wright's inflammatory views is...bullshit. When pushed recently about the incindiery views of his pastor, Obama characterized his relationship with his pastor (about whom he gushes and credits with lots of influence on the man he has become) as "an old uncle who sometimes says things I don't agree with."

Except...he's not his uncle. He's a man of religion who by Obama admits has been a great influence on Obama. So, when Wright gets on a roll and says things like "Not God Bless America but God Damn America", you don't just get to poo-pooh it.

And when just after September 11 Rev. Wright invokes that America deserved it, you don't just get to poo-pooh it and claim you weren't there.

(The video of this is no longer available at YouTube, but google it and you'll find people talking about it.)

Now, I'm really a pretty simple girl, but Obama's little smoke screen is as clear as glass to me. Obama must agree with Wright. Otherwise, he would have found another church. But, he didn't. And this is the issue for me. If Obama feels that the US is to blame for September 11, that is his right. But it bothers me that he is denying this in his quest to court white suburban voters.

If he really disagreed with Wright, he would have done something about it by now. Hell, I've walked out of movies that I felt were preaching to me. I've walked out of public meetings where things were being said that I found to be destructive or hateful. I've stopped shopping in places that had policies that I didn't agree with.

And, I assure you of this: Had my uncle - or even my father - ever said something like the USA deserved what we got on September 11 - I would have called them on it. I would not continue to drink the damn kool-aid, that's for damn sure. Why? Because I don't believe it. I will never believe it. And I don't want to belong to any organization that believes otherwise. Is it politically expedient for Mr. Obama to belong to this church and nod his head to all of that hatred and racism - because that's what Rev. Wright is preaching - RACISM? I'm sure it is. But, all political expedients have a down side. Obama, meet your Waterloo.
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