Tuesday, March 18, 2008
Just Pissed Off
I swear, I'm going to give myself a heart attack one of these days.

Somebody, please, explain to me how I am supposed to excuse Rev. Wright's "occassional" racism as a product of the how and the when of his own up-bringing, some sort of crucible which forged him into a bigot and yet I'm supposed to be outraged at the Westboro Baptist Church for their views on homosexuality.

Does not compute.


Because somehow, in the wacky world of victim-based identity politics, picking on gays is unacceptable, but picking on white folks is fine and dandy.



Racism is racism is racism, no matter which colors are on which side of the invective.

Obama wins no points with me from his recent speech. His condemnation of Rev. Wright is too little too late. You have to call it out right away or you are lending the bile tacit approval. This girl isn't THAT fucking stupid, thankyouverymuch.

It doesn't take that much courage to call a racist a racist. I did it at the grand old age of 14, but Obama lacks the intestinal fortitude to do the same until until it is a political imperative that he distance himself from his "crazy uncle."

When I was 14, I was at a gun shop with my father. He was talking to the shop owner and I was browsing. The shop owner's wife engaged me in conversation, but not of the polite kind. She didn't know me, but she felt no qualms about bringing up her views about a certain local minority. What she said to me about this group was vile and ugly and absolutely racist. So, I turned on my heel and walked out without so much as a goodbye.

I was seething. Absolutely seething. And, I was still at full-boil when my father returned to the car. It was my distinct displeasure to relate to him why I was mad as hell. To his credit, my father urged me to act on my experience. I wrote a letter to the gun shop and to the editor of the paper. I had the courage at the age of 14 that Obama has lacked for 20 some fucking years. I called racism racism. My father never darkened the doors of the racist's shop again. But Obama only rejects Rev. Wright now that it is a political imperative, and even then only does so before effusively gushing about what a wonderful guy Rev. Wright is.

Sorry, Obama. That doesn't play with this girl.

Racism is racism is racism is racism. You don't get a pass if your skin is a certain color.

Not with me anyway.
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