Thursday, August 14, 2008
Almost like a Norman Rockwell Picture
I write about Bunny Boop quite a lot, I know. She's the center of my universe.

I wanted to tell you about the funny thing that happened last night though. First, Bunny Boop is dabbling in imaginary play. In my opinion, I believe imaginary play is critical to a child's mental development. I'm no expert, but I think it helps a child learn to reason and think through problems. Imaginary Play is the original "think outside the box".

Anyway, I've told you all about Bibi the magical blanket, but I don't think I've mentioned the third in Bunny Boop's trio. And that is: Kitty, the stuffed cat formerly known as "puppy". (We finally made clear to her the difference between dogs and cats.) Kitty, Bibi, and Bunny Boop are nearly constantly together these days. And, in the event that they aren't playing together, Kitty and Bibi are never too far from Bunny's hand.

Someone gave Bunny a leash for Kitty yesterday. It is a real leash for a very small animal. Now, I am of the opinion that cat's aren't meant to be leashed, but in the case of Kitty, well, I'm all for it!

Imagine if you can the sight of a 2-year-old pulling a stuffed cat on a leash across a hardwood floor saying "c'mere Kitty, c'mere."

"Walk, Kitty."

I have plenty of ass, but I laughed some of it off last night.

Poor Kitty. Poor Kitty's ears and tail get chewed on, she gets dragged around the house. It's hard to be Kitty.
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