Monday, October 27, 2008
Political Poetry 5.0
There once was a pol from Illinois
Heralded by the MSM as a Golden Boy
Halo on his head,
Reading Marx in bed,
But this country, he intends to destroy

Ambition and Ego led him to run
Lieing, Cheating, no foul deed left undone
Mistress in Hiding
Media Chiding
He’ll do whatever it takes to win this election

Half the pop are convinced he’s “The One”
Despite assurances of him taxing a ton
Expanding the welfare state
The end to real debate
Then, he’ll come for your gun

When it comes to experience, he’s got ZERO
Bill Ayers the terrorist is his hero
Crooks and cons
Racists and Dons
To his friends goes all your hard earned dinero

Don’t vote for Obama to Win
Don’t be charmed by his grin
Socialism is bleak
Our enemies will find him weak
And your wallet will only contain your chagrin
posted by Phoenix | 12:11 PM


At 1:40 PM, Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to my Obama Halo Article. Don't be too discouraged. Those of us pulling the wagon are going to get tired of those who are enjoying the free ride. We just need a little push to turn around and kick them off, and Obama might be the one doing the pushing. It seems that people don't fix something until it is broken. Either way, we will be ok.


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