Monday, February 09, 2009
Civil Rights Expanded! Now include rights to trespass, steal, litter, and destroy property of others

Just wow!

Here's the deal:

An Arizona Rancher is being sued for $32 million by 16 illegal aliens. Why? Because he violated their civil rights, or that's their story.

Roger Barnett's ranch is on the Arizona-Mexico border. And, since 1998, he has been fighting a battle on his property. Apparently, his ranch land is some sort of illegal alien highway. Over the years, he's had his vehicles stolen, home broken into, his property (fences, cattle) destroyed, and his land littered upon. Illegal aliens have stolen his water and defecated on his property.

But apparently, he's the one in the wrong. Apparently, he doesn't have the right to defend his home and his property. Apparently, he's just supposed to let these people trample on his rights because somehow, by some unknown virtue, they are more entitled.


But, this is also Obama's America.

Over the years, Barnett got fed up and started defending his property. He put electric sensors on the illegal alien superhighway and started rounding up those that he caught and turning them into the border patrol.

Let's be perfectly clear: reports indicate that he hurt nobody. His "sins" include approaching a "group of illegal immigrants while carrying a gun and accompanied by a large dog" ON HIS OWN PROPERTY. He is accused of holding these trespassers at gunpoint and threatening to shoot them or loose his dog if they did not comply. Oh, lest I not be thorough, it is also alleged that he shouted obscenities and kicked a woman. Apparently, he spoke to them in English and Spanish, proclaiming that his dog was "hungry for buttocks."

The injustice here is that any judge would let this travesty go to trial.

These people were trespassers. Mr. Barnett has a right to protect his life and property. If these people are violating Mr. Barnett's property, he has the right to deal with them as he will. There is no law against threatening someone or shouting, even shouting obscenities. There is also no law against patrolling your own property with a dog and/or gun. So far as I can tell, these people have no case. None. This is a grab for attention, a grab for rights not enumerated, a grab for special dispensation for one class against the very real rights of another.

I am outraged on behalf of Mr. Barnett! How dare these people claim to be the victims! This is no different than the cases in England where murders and thieves sue their victims for damages!

Of course, this is Obama's America now: where your property rightsf don't matter if the color of your skin is the wrong hue.

Fight on, Mr. Barnett! We're behind you!
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At 4:26 PM, Anonymous Andi said...

I was pretty sure that civil rights only applied to citizens...


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