Tuesday, February 03, 2009
News Roundup
I'm trying to post more, not that there is any evidence of it yet, but as part of my effort you will begin to see more posts like this one. Call it the shotgun approach to blogging, if you will.

First at bat? Iran!

Let's see, first up is news that Iran has successfully sent a satellite into orbit. So, Ahmadinejad is that much closer to "wiping" Israel "off the map." This must come as huge comfort to the Obamabots who were sure that the junior Senator had the cajones to stare down a madman. Why, it is almost as if nuclear weapons were sugar plum fairies! On the heels of that news comes the report that Obama has already been in talks with Iran and Syria. Remember, it was Obama who promised to meet with these terrorists and terrorist-enablers "without preconditions." That thought will keep the Obamabots warm as they are toasting marshmallows on a mushroom cloud, surely.

Some reports suggest that Obama was courting Iran and Syria long before he one the election, in fact, just after he had clinched the nomination. If true, then he is guilty of undermining and interfering with the Office of the Presidency. But, if the MSM isn't gonna report it, I guess we're not supposed to know!

Then comes the news that Obama's vetting team is horribly inept, either that or Obama's okay with people cheating on their taxes.

First, it was Geithner, Obama's nominee for Secretary of the Treasury, who had problems with his taxes. And it wasn't small stuff either.

It turns out Geithner incorrectly claimed summer camp for the kids as a dependent-care deduction.


He was sloppy, at best, in attending to his returns. Informed by IRS auditors that he erred on his 2003 and 2004 returns by failing to pay self-employment and Medicare taxes, Geithner did not then repair similar mistakes for 2001 and 2002. He came into full compliance on $34,000 in back taxes and Medicare payments only after Barack Obama signaled him as his Treasury pick.

None of which inspires confidence in the guy who is going to be in charge of all this. But, if you are a tax cheat, Geithner's service looks to bode well for you.

Next came the news that Tom Daschle, Obama's choice for Health and Human Services Secretary, had tax troubles of his own. Daschle failed to claim more than $100,000 in income. I guess he wasn't clear on the definition of "income", or something.

And, straying outside of Obama's immediate circle to the more fringe players, Carolyn Kennedy, entitled princess of the Left had to bail out of her bid to Hillary Clinton's Senate seat because of...wait for it...tax problems, among others. Are you sensing a trend here?

Is it just me, or do Democrats just not pay their taxes? This may explain why they are all about raising taxes - if you don't bother paying them or "forget" some of your income, what difference does a little tax hike make? It is all becoming clear to me...

Then, this morning, comes news that Obama's Chief Performance Officer nominee (whatever that is), Nancy Killefer, has withdrawn her candidacy. In her case, it seems, she failed to pay employment taxes on household help for a year and a half. A year and a half.

Do you remember the 'good 'ol days' when we only had to worry about Obama's crooked/murderous friends like Tony Rezko and Bill Ayers? Now we have a whole slew more with connections to Obama. Granted, they are mostly tax cheats and crooks coughBlagojevichcoughBillRichardsoncough, but still! Does Obama not have any honest friends or colleagues?

As of today, Obama is still standing by Daschle, but there are already calls for the President to withdraw the nomination. One thing is certain: had it been you or I in Daschle's shoes, we would be in jail by now...

Special rules for Democrats, you know, special rules for special people. No wonder Carolyn Kennedy feels entitled!


Moving on...Obama's stimulus is on the rocks. The American Electorate is no longer drinking the kool-aid and starting to wise up to smell all of the...bacon. A recent survey found that "only 38% of those polled favor the existing stimulus proposal" while 37% want major changes and 17% reject it outright. Moreover, and perhaps most damning of all, 53% said the stimulus would have no impact on their own situation or would make things worse. Tough sell, Obama. Might be time to rein in Pelosi, Reid, and all the others.

Obama's also finding it very difficult to keep that promise about no lobbyists in his administration. He's keeping his promises by making "exceptions" to the rules. There we go again with special rules for special people. So much for Obama's much-vaunted "New Era of Responsibility", eh?

The Obama Administration is starting to look a lot like...The Blagojevich administration. Yippee! Four years of broken promises and blog posts of "I told you so". Should be fun!

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