Thursday, February 12, 2009
Obama: Another Day, Another Broken Campaign Promise
This is actually news from yesterday, but I ran out of time to post it. So, here it is.

Perhaps you heard that the "stimulus" bill (which is actually just a Democrat's wet dream of a wish list) went to conference to make the House and Senate versions match? Surprisingly, they managed to bang out a compromise very quickly.

Or, not surprising since the conference included ZERO Republicans and was held behind a closed door!

Obama's Pledge (from his own hopey-changey website, no less):

End the Practice of Writing Legislation Behind Closed
As president, Barack Obama will restore the American people's trust in their government by making government more open and transparent. Obama will work to reform congressional rules to require all legislative sessions, including committee mark-ups and conference committees, to be conducted in public. By making these practices public, the American people will be able to hold their leaders accountable for wasteful spending and lawmakers won't be able to slip favors for lobbyists into bills at the last minute.

No accountability, no compromise, no bi-partisan cooperation, no transparency.

Yep, that just about covers the "most ethical administration EVAH" claims.

How do you like the Democrats and their Fearless Leader now?

You let me know when you begin to regret voting for the liar, okay?

UPDATE: Ironic other promises, also from The One (same webpage)

Sunlight Before Signing: Too often bills are rushed through Congress and to the president before the public has the opportunity to
review them. As president, Obama will not sign any non-emergency bill without giving the American public an opportunity to review and comment on the White House website for five days.

Shine Light on Earmarks and Pork Barrel Spending:
Obama's Transparency and Integrity in Earmarks Act will shed light on all earmarks by disclosing the name of the legislator who asked for each earmark, along with a written justification, 72 hours before they can be approved by the full Senate.

It's a three-fer! What a banner day! Obama breaks promise on closed-door legislation writing, bill rushing, and pork, all with ONE BILL.

I'm beginning to see why people call him "The One." The audacity of his hypocrisy is mind-blowing!
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