Friday, March 06, 2009
The Obamas Lack Class
So much for President Obama's much vaunted, much heralded goal of making the world love America again. Both he and his wife have managed to insult the Prime Minister, his wife, and the civilians of one of our oldest allies.

Quite naturally, I refer to the Obama's gaffes with respect to British Prime Minister Brown's recent visit to the United States, but the gaffes actually start before that.

When the Obama's first arrived at The White House, the British informed The President that he should feel welcome to retain the bust of Winston Churchill.

During President George Bush's term in The White House, the Churchill bust held a place of prominence and importance. Churchill, of course, was Prime Minister of England back in the day and an important ally during WWII. Churchill is revered by many in this country as well as in his own.

So, when President Obama told the Brits "thanks, but no thanks" and sent the bust back, it was shocking to many and downright rude to the Brits.

But, one small misstep by a new President is to be expected, right? Fine. Forget the bust. I'm sure that the Obama's will polish up the ol' Protocol for their first State Visit. Right?

Let's move on to the Obama's ill bred treatment of The Browns, shall we?

It is customary for leaders of countries to give gifts upon meeting for the first time. These gifts are usually treasures, other times just meaningful objects, symbols if you will. The first ladies get into this as well, often getting the children of the leaders gifts as well.

For example, Mrs. Brown, herself a mother just to boys, was reportedly thrilled to get to shop for the first daughters. Isn't that sweet?

Mrs. Brown brought matching dresses and necklaces for the Obama girls, purchased from a top U.K. retailer, and a collection of books by British authors. Really nice.

Michelle Obama reciprocated with toy models of...Marine One, which is reportedly available in the White House gift shop for ~$15.


Michelle Obama is cheap and apparently can't seem to get over herself. I mean, why didn't she just give Mrs. Brown a copy of Dreams from my Father? She probably could have gotten that pretty cheap at Barnes & Noble.

Cheap, classless.

But, maybe The President will do better, eh?

Maybe not.

The relationship between the US and Great Britain is often termed "the special relationship." Sure, our countries once fought on opposite sides, but a lot of history has filled the books since. The British are some of our staunchest allies. We share a lot of culture, language, and history. We know that when push comes to shove, The Brits are some of our truest friends. Obama doesn't seem to care all that much about preserving any special relationships, however.

As the first piece of evidence of this special relatioship between our two countries, The President's desk, The Resolute Desk, was a gift from Queen Victoria after we helped rescue the HMS Resolute from an ice pack. We had it refitted and presented to the Brits as a symbol of peace. When the ship was decommissioned, the Queen had two desks made from it and gave one to the U.S.

That's classy. That's the stuff of special relationships.

Prime Minister Brown, as his gift to Obama, gave an ornamental pen holder made from the timbers of the HMS Gannet (formerly the HMS President (!)). The Gannet was a sister ship of the Resolute. It's task was hunting down slave traders. So, this gift is chockablock with meaningful symbolism. You don't buy this at the gift shop at No. 10, for example.

Obama gave brown...a set of American classic movies on DVD.

That's like...a Best Buy gift card. It's TOTAL CRAP!

I wouldn't blame them if the Brits declared war right now.

One gift symbolizing centuries of friendship, one gift symbolizing the complete disregard for the other country.

Now that's diplomacy.

Why not? Obama's fucked me and you over. He's totally fucked our children and grandchildren. He might as well fuck the Brits too.

Our President is crap. Classless crap. And his wife is no better.

As a special note to any Brits that may read this: you are still special to many Americans, myself included.
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