Friday, June 17, 2005
Isn't it Ironic?
A news article this morning had me singing Alanis Morissette's famous lyrics.

Two individuals from Hampton Roads, employees of the Norfolk-based People for
the Ethical Treatment of Animals, were arrested Wednesday night in Ahoskie,
N.C., on animal cruelty charges.

The two were arrested after authorities allege they dumped dead dogs and cats in a dumpster at a shopping center on Memorial Drive in Ahoskie.

Andrew Benjamin Cook, 24, of Virginia Beach, and Adria Joy Hinkle, 27, of Norfolk, were arrested at the shopping center. Police say they found 18 dead animals in the dumpster and 13 dead animals in the couple's van, which according to authorities, is registered to PETA. Both suspects were charged with 31 counts of animal cruelty and eight counts of illegal disposal of animals.

According to police, the animals were from two North Carolina animal shelters - one in Northampton County and the other in Bertie County.

Officials say the animals were alive when they left the shelters, but have not said how they died.

Wow. I'm still gonna call it ironic. Talk about a PR nightmare for PETA! Few deserve trouble more than they do. Well, maybe Dick Durbin, Amnesty International, Barbara Streisand, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Sean Penn, Charlie Rangel,...okay, this list could go on for a few days.

h/t: Drudge
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