Friday, July 08, 2005
Take Two (or Five), they are small
The latest in the "Take Two" short stories have been posted. For those of you unaware of what this is all about, it is pretty simple. Christina lines up bloggers to write 1000-word stories based on a short opening/introduction/scene setting. Each of the five bloggers then tell the tale as they imagine it. It is amazing to see how five people can come up with five such different and gripping stories. You should check them all out! This week we have stories by...

El Capitan of Baboon Pirates - Fabulous story with an open ending
Redsugar of Redsugar Muse - She had me from the first word, then threw me 2 curveballs
Alexandrine of Ravynstone Abbey - hasn't posted yet
Moogie of Moogies World - also hasn't posted yet
John Clifford of Thirty Second Thoughts - hasn't posted yet either

I will try to update the links, but it may be Monday before I get around to it. I have a trip to make to the Chicago suburbs (helping Mom paint), then a mad evening of Karaoke, followed by a lot of sleep. So, as usual, posting will be non-existent this weekend. Christina will have updated links though.

Oh, and consider yourselves warned. I'm participating in next week's edition of Take Two. I've had my story written for nearly two weeks now. I'm really proud of it, but fear it sucks and nobody will like it. Ah, the fragile ego of a budding author....
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