Friday, September 30, 2005
Alias Reactions
The return of my most favorite show filled last evening. Alias finally answered the questions of a.) if he isn't Michael Vaughn, who is he? and b.) what the...?

My reactions:

No way!

Can't be!

Only on Alias does a couple steal something, race across the lawn to escape, but before they do, she announces her pregnancy, and then they go falling over a cliff before their parachute opens.

I hope he isn't dead. I have faith in J.J. They should have killed off Nadia instead. She annoys me. There's only room for one female lead - and she ain't it.
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At 4:32 AM, Anonymous Johan said...

I watched Alias as well, and I must say the first episode was like an emotional roller coaster. He can't be dead was my first thought. I wrote about it on my site. Lovely site by the way.

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