Thursday, September 29, 2005
Demystifying Divas Demystify Emotional Men
Ladies and Gentlemen: This is our inaugural post as one of the Amazing Divas. I shall endeavor to do it up right, but please remember I'm still learning how to walk in these 6-inch stilettos, 'kay? The other daring divas, namely Silk, Kathy, and Sadie, as well as the manly members of the Men's Club including The Foreign Minister, Phin, The Wizard, and Stigmata will be all over this topic today. Check them all out.

Update: Jamesyboy guest-posts for the Men's Club here.

Today's topic is: How Emotional Should a Man Be?

My first reaction, not surprisingly, was: That all depends.

Understand that I am a normal, red-blooded, somewhat hot-blooded, heterosexual female. I like men. But I don't like prissy metrosexual men who go to the spa more often than I do. There is a reason why women are divas and not men -- it isn't attractive on them.

So, understanding that this is my opinion, I hope you will realize that the vast majority of my experience is with non-metrosexual men and this has colored my comments.

A man can be a bit emotional. If a man has been gut-shot, he can be weepy and emotional. If a man's wife dies in a horrific accident that he witnesses, he can be emotional. He can get weepy even if it is his favorite hunting hound that dies. When a man holds his newborn son or daughter in his arms for the first time, he can afford to muster a tear or two. These life-changing moments can be understood to carry some impact for even the most stoic of men.


Wrecking your Mustang - no tears allowed, unless you are injured.
Some sleazy woman breaks your heart - no tears allowed, do your crying on the inside, then drink or visit a gentlemen's club.
Your favorite wrench goes missing - call the cops if you must, but choke back your tears.

At least, if you expect this woman's interest and respect. I don't expect you to be Superman, per se, but I'd still like to think you won't faint in the face of danger. If you get weepy over a hangnail...dude! Don't be such a girl!

I know that I am a member of the so-called weaker sex. While I take issue with just what all that entails, I do recognize that I need for the man to be the one with the wet shoulder (from embracing me and quelling my tears) not the wet chin. I want him to be able to confide in me his fears, hopes, and dreams. I just don't want to be reminded of my sister or my mother when he does it. It is a fine line, I know, but ask yourself this question as a guide line for your behavior: Would Dirty Harry cry in this situation, or would Pee Wee Herman cry in this situation? Let that be your guide.
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At 8:48 AM, Anonymous silk said...

Lmao @ 'would Pee Wee Herman cry'

Those heels seem to fit very nicely.

At 4:49 PM, Blogger Agent Bedhead said...

MMMMM. Dirty Harry!

At 7:21 PM, Anonymous Christina said...

Well done!!

; )


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