Tuesday, September 27, 2005
I've said it before, and I'll say it again...
Cindy Sheehan is a media whore.

See here.

She gets pissy pants because Hurrican Rita was getting all the press and casting a shadow on her "movement", then decides the only way to regain any media traction is to give the MSM a blow: (or the equivalent) and get herself arrested in front of the White House.

The woman has no "moral authority" - hell, as far as I'm concerned, she's let slip her grasp on morality in general. She's out there pimping her son's corpse over a cause he would not believe in. If anyone is being disrespectful, it is she, the Media Whore.

Here's something else. I've been to the White House recently, in March to be exact. We couldn't actually go inside as that takes 6 months notice and an FBI background check, but still my experience is worth noting.

You can only really get close to the White House from one side. More importantly this one side is cut off from traffic - there's no driving by the White House. Both sides are vehemently guarded by Capitol Police who frown on lingering excessively. They take a "step up, get a glance, snap a pic, and move on" sort of stance. My sister and I snapped several pictures from a park on the back side of the White House. This park had no fewer than 5 police officers making sure none of the folk got too close. And let's be clear - we couldn't even go to the edge of the park. We had to stand 200 feet from the edge of the park. Between us and the grass of the White House back lawn was the 200 feet, a parking lot, a street, and that black fence. If one managed to get past all of that, one still had to make it across that vast lawn that is protected by snipers who sit on the roof of the White House. Oh-they are there. I have proof in pictures.

The other side of the building is equally guarded. In one sense, you can get closer, but the view is muddled by all of those outdoor "White House Correspondent" setups - you know, when you see Campbell Brown spouting on the White House lawn - yeah. Several dozen of these mini-studios dot the lawn and the view.

All in all, you can only take a good picture of the front from about one spot along the fence, and that must be done through the fence bars. They don't let you play croquet on the front lawn. They definitely do not like people lingering idly at the gate either.

So, my final take on this is: Screw Cindy Sheehan. She's no better than I am, and I had to beat feet out of there. If she isn't going to obey the law, throw the book at her.
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At 7:18 PM, Blogger The Game said...

Here is a picture of a sad, grieving mother who lost her son in Iraq. She is protesting the very war her son believed in and died for. She is now supporting and cheering on the enemy who killed him. She loves the attention, and she will burn in hell.


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