Thursday, September 15, 2005
Brief list of assorted things that steam me
  1. People who feel that a gas pump is a parking place. Man, this is a gas station, where people put fuel in their automobiles. You may do your Christmas shopping her, but the rest of us have places to go and things to do. If you intend to spend any amount of time in the store other than the requisite 4 minutes it takes to pay the cashier, please move your damn car so as not to tie up one of the pumps. Thank you.
  2. Use your damn blinkers, you savages! I am not omniscient or clairvoyant, please signal your driving intentions as you are not the only idiot on the roads.
  3. Dear Cashier, perhaps you ought to learn to count and make change before setting your sights on such a lofty career goal. If the charge is for $9.76 and I give you $10.01, I want a freakin' quarter back, not two dimes and five pennies, you fool.
  4. Must you pass me on the interstate only to get in front of me and step on your brakes, requiring me to slow down if I'm not in the mood to rearrange your rear end? A lesser person would go postal on you, you know? You are road rage bait!
  5. Please respect my personal space. Imagine that there is a two foot bubble encasing me and know that your foul mouth-breathing is not welcome to enter therein.
  6. The UN. Is there a larger waste of my taxpaying dollar on earth?
  7. I have a right to be bitchy. Get over it.
  8. People who operate their brains on autopilot.
posted by Phoenix | 8:32 AM


At 11:25 AM, Anonymous phin said...

Only 2 feet of personal space???
Man I hate close talkers.


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