Wednesday, May 03, 2006
More on Illegal Immigration
So, the big Day Without Immigrants thingy was a bust. Even Newsweek is reporting that the mass protests had "Zero Impact."

I can't help by note that the vast majority of politicians are pretty far out of step with the majority feelings on the issue. I run in a pretty liberal crowd, centered as I am here in the Madison, Wisconsin area (sort of a mid-western Berkeley, CA with more milk cows), and I haven't heard a single person talk to me about the plight of the poor illegal alien.

In fact, even my little sister (the one who bought into the ridiculous cyber-rumors of the draft being re-instated) believes that illegal immigration is wrong and we ought to do more to stop it.

I don't think the silent majority is done with this issue yet. I think a lot of folks are merely waiting to see what Congress will do, and then vote out the jokers who were a little too PC.

I could be wrong, though.
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