Monday, June 12, 2006
The Unaware
Growing up, I was forced to be at least semi-aware of the world around me. I voted for Ronald Reagan in the Weekly Reader poll, I wrote to the Reagan after his election to protest the fact that I was paying income taxes in grade school, and I made yellow ribbons for the neighborhood during the first Gulf War.

At no time, after I was old enough to talk anyway, was I unable to name the President of the United States. And, by the time I got to middle school, I was able to name the leaders of other important nations as well.

So, I am somewhat mystified when a teenager I know had to be schooled (by moi) on who certain major players on the world scene are.

She said: "Didn't Saddam die?"

I said: "His son's died, but he is currently on trial for crimes against humanity."

She said: "Are you sure? I thought he just died."

I said: "No. The guy in Iraq who just died in Iraq was Abu Musab al Zarqawi. The Leader of al Qaeda in Iraq."

She said: "I thought that was bin Laden."

I said: "No, bin Laden is hiding in a cave somewhere in Pakistan or Afghanistan."

She said: "So which one is the one who wants nuclear weapons?"

I said: "That would be the leader of Iran, Iraq's next door neighbor. That is a country led by it's religious leaders and not known for it's freedoms. For some reason, the religious leader's choices always win the "elections." Currently their President is a madman who says that there is no proof that the Holocaust happened and feels that Israel should be wiped off the map."

She said: "Hmmm. I could have sworn we killed Saddam."

I said: "Nope. He was hiding in a hole and we captured him. He went quietly, from all accounts. His sons went down in a hail of bullets, though."

She said: "Huh."

All of which made me very afraid. I don't expect her to know the intricacies, but the players in the news at the very least.

So not only do I feel old (see post on fashion), but now I'm wiser too.
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