Tuesday, December 05, 2006
Rant #1 of the Day
Vexed. Pissy. Mad as Hell.

All of these describe my current emotions as directed toward the pediatric clinic we frequent.

You see, back in September we had Bunny Boop's well baby check. At that time, we tried to schedule the flu shot and her 12 month well baby check, but they wouldn't let us. The doctor's calendar didn't go out that far, you see. They instructed me to call back in a month and I did so.

At that time, they grudgingly permitted me to schedule her for the first half of her flu shot. (It seems that at this age they give them 2 half-doses or something.) The doctor's calendar still didn't go out to December, so they informed us that they were adding our names to a list and they would call us when they had the calendar so that we could choose a workable day/time.

November 10 came around and Bunny had the first half of her flu shot. At that time, the calendar still didn't go out far enough and I was instructed to wait for their call.

And wait and wait I did. Until yesterday, that is, when it seemed like I had waited long enough. So I called them to find out when we could get in for the well baby check and flu shot. I was told the afternoon of January 19. That date kind of irked me. What happened to December, I asked?

All booked up, it seems. Why didn't anyone call us? Our name was on a list and you guys were supposed to let us know when the calendar included December. Hmm. Let me check on that for you.

Oh! It seems we have an appointment set up for you on December 12 at 11:30. Um...this is the first I'm hearing of it. Why didn't anyone call us? I don't think that date is going to work for us. Well, I still have the January date available. No, you don't understand. She needs the second half of her flu shots and her 12-month boosters. Is it really wise to put those off? I'll have to check with the nurse. Nope. It would really be best if you could make the December 12 appointment. You mean the appointment that you all made for us without consulting us? I'll check with my husband and see, but I doubt it will work. I'll call you back tomorrow.

And, as I suspected, that date will not work so I call them back today.

That date - December 12 - is not going to work. We have a conflict. Okay. Do you want the January appointment? Are you serious? There isn't anything available in December? No. I have a January 8 appointment available at 1 pm. No, no! I need mornings, as early as possible. That's going to push us farther into January. Can she go that long without her flu shot and boosters? I'll have to check with the nurse and call you back.

That was two hours ago and I'm still waiting.

What is this new practice of making appointments for patients without their knowledge? Have you ever heard of this? It isn't like I'm difficult to contact. I have a cell phone that has voicemail. My husband has a cell phone with voicemail. And my home phone takes messages and sends me an email when it takes a call. They didn't even try to contact me. They just put us on the schedule willy nilly with absolutely no regard for our calendar. Perhaps they think Bunny can drive herself to the appointment, negotiate the long halls and elevators on her own at the ripe old age of 1, but she can't. She's not quite that gifted.

And I am freaking pissed at this lackadaisical manner in which my child's health is being treated by these goddamned health "professionals". Somebody is going to hear about it! Mark my words.
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