Tuesday, January 09, 2007
It must suck to be Royal
I've often fantasized about what a wonderful life it must be to be royal. What a beautiful life a princess must live, I used to tell myself. I have no doubt that this fantasy is in large part due to the watching of Princess Diana's and Prince Charles's wedding back when I was a wee one. That was the stuff of fairytales, was it not?

Today's history of that match is a bit less Disney, but my opinion has been altered completely. I now know it must suck to be royal or dating a royal.

Apparently, Prince William has been dating a young lady named Kate Middleton for some time. I don't follow the royal family much, so this was news to me. Apparently this young woman is a middle class commoner, but we are to understand that this isn't being held against her. How...understanding of them, huh?

Kate went to school with Prince William and may have even shared a house with him in college. I'm sure there were others too, so that doesn't appear to be a scandal. But now, it seems, she is attending more royal family functions as though she is being groomed for an eventual marriage to the young prince and a life in the royal spotlight.

And the paparazzi are hounding her like she's the last bit of chicken and they are all starving. I know that they are a part of the supply chain for people who can't get enough of this, but you must admit that it would suck. She can't leave her home if she doesn't look like a million bucks. If she doesn't curtsy just right, people will comment. She has all of these people talking, speculating, expecting, and that has to be a tremendous pressure.

I couldn't live like that, that's for certain. Poor girl, she seems to be handling it with grace (if she weren't we'd certainly hear about it), but I wish I could send her a pat on the back. That is quite a lot for anyone to bear. I hope they are in love, but I also hope that they can avoid the bullshit that seems to come with that life.
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